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Moon Series:
An entire series sparked by the poem of the same title.

In The Absence of the Moon
A stormy night, music, and a depressed soul. Death story. Spoilers.
PG (Best Slash Story in 1998-99 DS Fiction Award, Nominated: Best Angst. 1st Annual [serge] Fanfic Award Nomination: Best Death Story)

Sequel to "In The Absence of the Moon". Sort of death story, yet it has a happy ending, it's hard to explain.

Surrender: Alternate Ending
Alternate ending to "Surrender". Death story.

My Love, My Soul, My Savior
Missing scene from the happy universe of "Surrender".

Forever (Your Soul, My Saving Grace)
Sequel to the happy universe in "Surrender".
R & S for Sappy

Ripply Trilogy:
This started out as a collaboration with someone who wished to be nameless, so let's just call her M. Anyway, M decided she wasn't really satisfied with the fic, but I thought it would be a waste to let all the stuff we already have to go to waste, so I continued it. And after more than 2 years, it's finally DONE!! Yay!!! *happy dance* And yeah warnings, angst and AU.

RayK confessed his love for Fraser, Fraser feels the same way, but there's someone else in the picture.
PG-13 (Runner up for Best Angst story in the 3rd Annual [serge] fanfic Award)

The truth is revealed, the search begins.

Lonely hearts and coincidences.

WIP Series:
Interdepartmental Communication Series:
An on going series of snippets posted on sergechat thanks to the "no 's' word" rule. 'S' word being the word 'sorry.' Yeah, been saying that a lot lately. Not beta'd. Spell checked though.

Snippet 1: A New System
Snippet 2: The Mail Continues
Snippet 3: Return Of The Mail
Snippet 4: It's A Flying Pig! No, It's A Mail...
Snippet 5: Holy Piles of Emails!!

The Journal of Det. Ray Vecchio (Kowalski):
Inspired by Anais's Stargate SG-1 fic "Dr. Jackson's Diary". I'll put each month up as I finish writing it.
Note: As of Nov 2003, I'm well and truely stuck on this. I have the stories plotted, and I know what's going to happen when, but the problem now is getting the words out right. The parts I have of April have been written, deleted, rewrote, delete and rewrote for god knows how many times, but it's not coming out right. So instead of forcing it, I'm just going to let it rest for a while and work on something else... when I do have the time, and maybe, when I get back to it later, it'll kick start the muse.

January: What Am I Doing?

February: Chocolaty Mad Valentine.

March: From Canada With Love.

April: The Fellowship Of the Fur. Coming Not Quite As Soon
PG-13 (at the moment)

Stand Alones:

Ray's feeling a little down.

The Healing Soul
Missing scene from "Ladies Man".

The Seductress
A lonely, depressed night. Death story.

How did RayK feel when RayV came back? Spoilers.

Phantom Partner
It takes 2 to tango... Spoilers.

Wings To Touch The Skies
Late night star gazing. See top of fic for warnings.
PG (Runner up for Best Death Story in the 1st Annual [serge] Fanfic Award)

Some Like It Red....And Some Like It Hot
What if Vecchio had went undercover earlier in the series? What if Kowalksi was there instead of Vecchio when Miss. Fraser made her debut? What would've happened then? Spoilers. AU.
PG-13 (Runner up for Best AU in the 1st Annual [serge] Fanfic Award)

Butterfly Love
Methos sees a face from his past in Chicago. Xover with Highlander: The Series. Death Story (sorta). AU.

Through The Window
An original poem with some F/K flavour.
G (Runner up for Best Poetry/Song in the 2nd Annual [serge] Fanfic Award)

Dream Fire
Sequel to Butterfly Love.
NC-17 (Runner up for Best xover story in the 3rd Annual [serge] Fanfic Award)

...And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
A challenge issued by Sun. It's just a typical day in the life of Ray and Fraser, or is it? Also available in the zine "Duet 2" from Agent With Style. And yeah, I've got illustrations in this zine AND "Duet 1" as well. ^_^

The City Grows Dark
Victoria is back. Check out the story art. Also available in the multi-media zine Everybody Dies. As the zine title may have indicated, it's a death fic.

The Piano
Ray and a piano in the cosulate. Available in the DS zine BodyHeat 4.

Dead Man In The Basement
"He wasn't the type who picked up strangers at bars. Then again, he wasn't sure what or who he was any more, so maybe this was him." Crossover with Highlander. Available in the DS zine BodyHeat 5.

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