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Buffy Fics

Edge Series:

One Step
It's just one step away. Dark fic. Short fic.

Companion piece to One Step. From Spike's POV.

Moment of Relativity
Sequel to One Step & Fear. What on Earth was going on?!

Marta made this in an effort to try convince me to write a sequel. ;)
Click on it to go to the larger version.

The Chronicles of Alexander:
Came up with an idea for a Highlander/Buffy crossover a couple years ago, and somehow, the idea grew and grew and grew, and soon enough, it was forming into a saga. Only problem was, I wasn't really up to write it. So, there it sat, on my hard drive for years and years, forgotten. Until one day, when in the process of cleaning up my hard drive, I found them again. Ideas, little snippets of scenes, the actual start of the saga... so here it is. I'm giving you a fair warning here, this is a Work In Progress (WIP) and I'm not sure if it'll EVER be finished, so read at your own peril. ;) Theh stories are supposed to be read in the order set out below, but right now, it really doesn't matter. *g*

A Trip Less Ordinary
How it all started.

A snippet set about 2 years after "A Trip Less Ordinary"


Just a little moment between Simon and River.

A moment with Simon and Inara as the rest of the 'verse celebrates.

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