This was the result of me starting out with random writings in Chinese, then the rest followed. Not beta'd, so all mistakes are mine. Not too sure where to find a beta for something that's half in Chinese. Heh.


February 2006


Treasure; 珍惜

by Genie


The book fell with a 'thud'. River stuffed the shirt back into the bag and picked up the notebook. Opening it to the last page, Simon's neat handwriting caught her attention.




從我解了她信中之迷的那一刻開,急,愁,憂便是我伴。廢盡心思,用盡積蓄,最終把她救出。見到她那一刻:愛,恨,惜。愛與惜妹妹,恨透殘酷的政府與盲目的父母讓她受折騰。The Alliance ideologies I grew up to believe in were shattered, and for the first time, I saw them for what they truly were.


看著她日漸惡化,我身為個醫生竟無能為力:心痛,無助,甚至絕望。I would have trade places with her if I could, 但我不能。我是她哥,愛護她照顧她是我職責,there's only the two of us now, 我絕對不可以放棄。


為了她,我放棄了一切,從沒後悔 – 她是我小妹為她死我也情願何況名利這身外物。如今見到她的歡笑,飛_寧靜_,一切都值得。[1]




She looked up as Simon pushed the door open, the old style notebook still on her lap. "Simon," she carefully closed the notebook. "I didn't mean to read it."


"It's all right." Simon closed the door behind him. Smiling gently, he took a sit beside her on the bunk and took the leather-bound volume from her. "I would've done a better job at hiding it if I hadn't want you to find it."


She grinned. When they were young, Simon had perfected the art of hiding things he didn't want her to find. Mostly they were his homework he didn't want River to correct. Her thoughts turned back to the passage she read. "Am I, really?"


"Are you what?"


"Worth it." She looked at him. Her brother; he could have been the best doctor in the Alliance, wealth and influence within easy reach, but because of her....




She recognise the expression, it was one she often used on Simon, the one that said 'you may be an idiot, but I love you anyway'.


She flung her arms around her brother and hung on.


"At least you turned out to be a criminal mastermind, which most girls seemed to find more attractive than doctor." She murmured.


Simon laughed and hugged her tighter.


The End.

[1] Remembering when she was young, when we were both young, those innocent days, we were so naive. She might be a bona-fide genius, but no matter how smart, she was still a child; filled with countless dreams, hopes, and an endless future. My good little sister.


From the moment I put together the puzzle in her letters, panic, concern, worry were my constant companion. Putting in every effort, all the money I could spare, I finally got her out. The moment I saw her: love, hate, treasure. Love and treasure my sister, hating the inhumane government and the blindness in my parents that had allowed her to be tortured. The Alliance ideologies I grew up to believe in were shattered, and for the first time, I saw them for what they truly were.


Seeing her growing worse everyday, and I, as a doctor could do nothing: heartache, helpless, even hopeless. I would have trade place with her if I could, but I couldn't. I am her big brother, loving her and caring for her is my duty, there's only the two of us know, I can never give up.


For her, I gave up everything, no regrets – she's my little sister, I'd die for her, reputation and wealth were nothing. Now, seeing her laugh and smile, piloting 'Serenity', it was all worth it.