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Shepard's Sheep 3.2MB
My biggest project to date and my fav vid. *g* It has some flaws (mainly the sound) that I wish I have the technology to correct someday, but right now, I think it's my best work to date. I actually had a vague idea of what I was doing with this one. Amazing eh? Maybe that's why it's better than the rest. *shrug* Anyway, the song, "La Pastoura als camps" is, as I understand, medievil French, which translates into English as "The Sheperdess in the Field" I don't think the lyrics has much to do with the vid, unless you take it metaphorically, but the melody of the song just fits the atmosphere I was looking for so well... As for the title, again, metaphoric. Sheep being herded by shepard, our heroes being manipulated by the forces of darkness... Wesley angst. Major spoilers for 2nd half of season 3.
Length: 5:00mins
Format: AVI

All the Pretty Little Horses 5.2MB
Yet another Angel vid. Angel and Connor; father and son. I'm not too sure what to think about this vid. The song is pretty slow, so I'm not sure if the vid itself is slow or is it just the song that's slow. If you have any feedback at all, it'll be greatly appriciated. Spoilers for 2nd half of season 3.
Length: 4:16min
Format: AVI

Bring Me To Life 4.9MB
Was feeling a little unproductive since I haven't written anything in the last few months or so. Came across this MTV, decided to do something similar to "Moment of Peace", so I chuck in 3rd season Wesley. Some of the scenes are pretty ironic when you listen to the lyrics that goes with it...at least I think to. Hope it works! 3rd season Wesley Angst .
Length: 4:10mins
Format: AVI

Angel: The Muppet Show 7MB
Saw the ep, remembered the song, I just couldn't resists! I mean, it's SO obvious!
This is a bigger version of the vid. I'll probably replace this with a smaller version if I'm running out of space. Right now, I can still afford to leave this up. *g* Spoilers for 5th season.
Length: 1.18mins
Format: AVI

James Marsters In Concert 2.1MB
I was at the Buffy Downunder convention this year and part of the program was a concert by JM that I attended. In my haste, I forgot to turn the mic on my camera on, so the footage that came out was without sound. So, instead of just posting those bits, I combined it with some of the pics I took at the con and made a vid out of it, plus, it gave me a chance to experiment a bit with FinalCut Pro. Enjoy. ;)
Length: 3.12mins
Format: mp4 (Open with Quick Time)

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