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Not all of the sections are up yet. All fics and vids are up, I'm not quite sure what to do with all the artworks yet (manips, covers, wallpapers), but I have a feeling it's gonna be quite a while before they're all completely up.

28 February 2009
RL sucks like you wouldn't believe. I had a plan. A plan for putting up the art work and manips that's been down since forever, but never got around to it. New job sucks, planning on going back to old job and uni again, so god knows when I'll have the time. Here's a few fics and vids. Torchwood and Dr Who. Just go click on "Who-verse" at the top and the new stuff will be right at the bottom of the list.
Vids: Become (DW), and All I Need (TW)
Fics: As Morning Comes, Dydd Oerllyd yn mewn Caerdydd, and Dawn (all TW)

25 September 2008
Oh, wow, it's been a while since the last update. Sorry, just got caught up with RL and stuff. Anyway, here's some fic and vids. Torchwood. I'm too lazy to link them individually, so just click on the "Who-Verse" section at the top and head off to the relevant sub-sections. :D
Fics: The One With the Alien Plant, Twice Interrupted, Unseen, Idiot's Guide To Temporal Phenomenon, Torchwood Reanimated
Vids: The Mating Game, Not Enough

2 March 2008
First update of the new year, and it's March already. I have fic, but that hasn't been coded or uploaded yet, but there's also new Torchwood vid Believe, which you can find here.

20 December 2007
Oh. My. God. Has it been THAT long since I updated? What can I say? Work and life has been draining the life out of me, and I haven't been that productive lately in terms of fannish creations. This is also going to be my last update for 2007 since I'll be heading off to UK for my X'mas/New Year holiday and won't be back until late January next year. And yes, yes, I'm going to be spending around a week in Who-Central aka Cardiff, completely geeking out. Yes, Cardiff, in winter. I am crazy, why did you ask? ;)
Anyway, in this issue... we have... Beating Like A Drum, a Master/Ten vid, and my contribution to the sgabigbag challenge: All Falls Down: Trailer

26 August 2007
Completely forgot that I have another Ten/Jack vid to upload. Savin' Me can be found here.

7 July 2007
Have set up new section for the Doctor Who/Torchwood universe, being the Who-verse. Creative, aren't I? Have also updated that section with a new Torchwood fic and a new Jack/Doctor vid. Spoilers for the last eps of DW. Oh, and if anyone didn't notice, that section is hosted on another domain: theoncomingstorm.org ;)

11 June 2007
Oh boy, 3 months since I last updated eh? Added 4 Torchwood/Doctor Who fic, and Jack centric. Who can resists Capt Jack? ;) Lucky Prince, Lessons, Tears and Rain, and Road Lost could all be found in the Misc page.

17 March 2007
Has it been THAT long since the last update?! Guess it has! What can I say, working life doesn't quite agree with me... at least on the having spare time area! Have extracted my individual fics from the zine as well as their cover art and put them up on their respective fandom pages. So there's 2 SGA fics (From Sateda, With Love; and Atlantis Titanic) and cover, and 1 Firefly fic (Chun Lian) and cover.

24 December 2006
Whoa! Time surely flew by pretty quickly! I really haven't had time to work on the site, with work getting insane as the year draws to a close, and for a while there, I thought I was going to be homeless as well. Won't go into all the boring details, suffice to say that RL was really whuppin' me arse and everything was finally sorted out just this Friday. Fannish-wise, I haven't been that productive in the last couple of months, but Scribewraith and I did came up with a present for everyone. May I present to you: Sugar & Spice: A multi-fandom ezine. (2MB PDF file, 25 pages)

Fandoms include: SGA, SPN, House, Jeeves & Wooster, Firefly, and Heroes, fanfics and artwork. There are also some very yummy recipes in there for sweets and desserts, so this isn't just entertaining, it's useful as well! :D

Last of all, I'll be going off on holiday from Xmas day until after New Year's, so here's a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone out there! Have fun, and be safe! I'll see you guys next year!

24 September 2006
New and semi-new SGA fics are finally up. The cover art pages for SGA and SV are also now up and running. The rest will hopefully follow soon.

EDIT: Star Trek cover art page is also now up.

1 September 2006
Still haven't got the art work and manips up yet, but I've been busy. 2 new full length SGA McShep vids are up at the SG Vids page. Have fun, and leave some feedback if you like them.

18 August 2006
All fics and vids should be up and running. If they're not, let me know. Art work and manips etc will be up as soon as I can get them organised.