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Once A Thief

The Happy Idiot 5.2MB
My first OAT vid. You can all thank Claire for this. She wanted me to do a vid in Chinese song, and suggested OAT might be a good fandom to try it out, and was kind enough to provide the clips, so here's it. If anyone's interested in the pinyin version of the song and a translation, it's here.
Length: 3mins
Format: AVI

He's A Pirate! 3.1MB
Boys and their alternate dispute resolutions. Always wanted to do a vid to the POTC soundtrack. So here's it. Might do another one in a different fandom to the same song. Heh.
Length: 1:32mins
Format: AVI

Habanera from Carmen (The Weird) 4.9MB
Found some clip, found a song, and I put them together. Not my best work, but I was just killing time. ;)
Length: 2:08mins
Format: AVI

CI5: The New Professionals

Let's Hear It For the Boy 4.3MB
Tightened up it a little. Thanks to Alyse for the clips. :) The shorter version has been taken down, but if anyone wants it, feel free to email me. Much smaller screen size, but could be enlarged to a reasonable size without upsetting the clearity of it.
Length: 4:21mins
Format: AVI

Danger Zone 5.8MB
Finally, another New Pros vid! Many thanks to Claire for the clips. ;) Technique wise, this vid is much more simpler than the previous 2 Angel vids IMO, but I had *heaps* of fun making this! And experimented with some effects too. You'll just have to watch to find out. Heh. Anyway, this is something a little faster. Summary? Um... boys and their toys... and yeah, bad guys too. ^_^
Length: 3:33mins
Format: AVI

Life's A Bitch 8.1MB
Yet another New Pros vid. This one's pretty much pointless. I'll give you a cookie, chocolate cookie, if you can find a point. ;) Why did I make it then? I was trying out Windows Movie Maker. I think I'll stick with Premiere.
Length: 3:11mins
Format: Real Media 8

Star Wars

He's A Jedi! 2.1MB
Blame this on Claire. She was the one who gave me the Highlander idea in the first place, and after that, she oh so casually said "What about a version with lightsabers?" Gah! So here's it, with lightsabers. SW:Ep I Spoilers.
Length: 1:30mins
Format: AVI

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