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Stargate: SG1

Sorry, Mate
One of Ba'al's clone didn't came out quite as expected. Crack!Fic for Sez. It's really all her fault.

Stargate: Atlantis

Spoon Full of Sugar
Fluff. Fluff with loads of sugar, and coffee.

Have A Nice Day
Dying of embarrassment was never on Rodney's To-Do list.
Spoilers for Conversion.This is actually my first SGA fic, just took a while to get it right.

Petals At Dawn
"Dial the gate!" John didn't really have to yell, Teyla had already punched in five of the symbols. Possible character death.

Four Seasons
Crazy weather, crazy Australians.

Nihil Obstat - Nothing Stands In The Way
"this was... something else all together, something that was never covered in any handbook including the copy General O'Neill gave him that was specially written for SG1."

Only Crunchy
someinstant's summary -- Ok I suck at this. Someone is dead in a Jumper in Atlantis. John and Rodney have to find out is it the Wrath or an ancient cereal killer? Or is it one of their friends?!! READ IT PLEASE. (ps,/ lots of violence, ok, so no kids.)
Written for svmadelyn's bad!fic challenge.

If Not for That Pesky Sheppard
McKay/Kavanagh. 'Nuff said.
*runs away fast*

Face of the Stars
"Twenty-six, forty-eight, sixty-five, finally at the seventy-eighth hour, Rodney could no longer keep his eyes open." Character death.

"telling himself he had made the right decision hadn't made things easier."

Catch Me
"In the distance, he could hear the slow lapping of the sea against Atlantis. It was supposed to be comforting." Ficlet set after Grace Under Pressure.

Of Russian Assassins and Gateships
"A bang followed by some muffled cursing woke Rodney. It was still dark outside. Rodney blinked at his bedside clock until the red blur turned into numbers his brain could comprehend: 3:33AM. Someone was going to pay." AU, slight xover with SG1 and Numb3rs.

"Sometimes, John forgets." Possible AU ficlet

Form 80: Personal Particulars For Character Assessment
This is either a joke, or this John Sheppard has some mental problems and needs professional help. Crack fic. Complete and utter CRACK. Docu!Fic, graphic intensive, dial-up users beware!

From The Sea
He never knew he had it in him. Spoilers for Before I Sleep and McKay and Mrs Miller.

From Sateda, With Love
What exactly was Ronon's job back when he was with the Satedian military?
PG, and C for Crack

Atlantis Titanic
Look at the title! Is any explanation required? Didn't think so.
PG and C for Crack

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