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Stargate: SG1

Breathing 4.2MB
My first song-vid! Well, it's more of a fancy clip-show really since I use still images instead of video clips, but they move! :) Slashy Jack/Daniel stuff.
Length: 4:22min
Format: Real Media 8

Moment of Peace 4.9MB
Came across a music video, thought I'd experiment a little with it. This was the result. Reasonable quality. Plot?? What's that?? Frankly, I'm not too sure what's the vid about, maybe a story of Daniel's life ever since he opened the gate. People he met, things he did etc. I guess. Jean said it had a 'Holy theme', so... *shrug*
Length: 4:02mins
Format: AVI

Would You Be Happier? 8.8MB
Hmm... how should I describe this one? Another experiment (frankly, they're ALL experiments!) where I kinda just took the lyrics and see which clip sorta fits. Turn out to be a Daniel centric angsty with bits of J/D slashy tone type of vid. Ah well, just download it! :P
Length: 3:30mins
Format: Real Media 8

Stargate: Atlantis

Note: All files should be playable with the latest version of Quicktime Player.

McKay 7.2MB
If Rodney McKay has his own show... First vid in more than 1.5 years, and this time I'm fiddling with Final Cut Pro, which I really am not familiar with. My first SGA vid, and it's pure crack. Heh.
Length: 1.12mins
Format: mp4

Atlantis 11.3MB
Trailer for Atlantis. All clips from the pilot ep of SGA (ie Rising Pt1 and 2).
Length: 1.56mins
Format: MOV

I Don't Need A Man 19MB
John getting whupped. Teyla and Elizabeth kicking ass.
You have any idea how hard it is to find clips of Elizabeth doing *anything* besides talking?? So hard that, in fact I had to include the talking or there just won't be enough clips! Many thank Sharon for suggesting the Pussycat Dolls for some 'girl power' type music, and Elli and Shannon for doing the hardwork for me and pointing out all the eps with the girls kicking ass. ;)
Length: 3.24mins
Format: mp4
(A poorer quality 5.7MB MOV version available here for those having trouble with the mp4 files)

If Everyone Cared 20.8MB
They're still alive. Rodney angst with a McShep twist.
I've had the urge to vid this song after I got 2 scenes stuck in my head after hearing the song. I had hoped the urge will go away, but it didn't. It's now almost a month later and this was supposed to be a McShep vid. Somehow it turned into a slightly angsty Rodney vid with hints of McShep. I have no idea how this happened. I started out hating the vid, now I don't hate it as much, if that helps.
Spoilers: All 3 seasons up to 3x05 is fair game.
Length: 3.40min
Format: mp4
(A poorer quality 8.2MB MOV version available here for those having trouble with the mp4 files)

Savin' Me 21.3MB (Nominated for the Stargate Music Video Award 2006 for Best McShep vid)
John and Rodney have learned to rely on each other. Most definitely McShep.
Almost went nuts trying to get this thing to work, even now, I'm still not quite happy with this tiny section of it but there's really nothing I could do. *sigh* Thanks to Skylee for putting up with my SMS and IM messages in search of clips.
Spoilers: Anything up to 3x07 Common Ground is fair game. I think this has gotta be the first vid to include clips from that ep. ;)
Length: 3.40min
Format: mp4
(A poorer quality 8MB MOV version available here for those having trouble with the mp4 files)

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