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First Snow
Lex and the first snow of winter.

The Games We Play
Sequel to First Snow: Enters Superman.

He Left At Dawn
President Luthor is going to be holding a press conference.
PG-13 (Warning: might be considered character death)

No Rest For These Tired Eyes
(Winner: 2004 Sizzler Award Best Novella)
Sequel to First Snow and The Games We Play.
An AU novella: Intellectually,he knew he would be happier if Clark was completely out of his life, but he still hadn't managed to asphyxiate the annoying voice that was telling him otherwise. (Includes the first 2 stories)
First published in The Better Part of Me, A Smallville Anthololgy zine.

The One With The Fish
Lex doing a bit of late night soul searching.

An Affair To Remember
Clark insulted a lady and Lex wants him to apologise.

He is the flame to my moth.
Warnings: General late season 3 & 4 spoilers.

You Can't See Me
Asylum AU. What if Lex had managed to escape?
Warnings: Spoilers for... general season 3, just to be on the safe side.

Nil Desperandum
Smallville/NCIS crossover. "No one would believe Lex Luthor could be sitting in a smoky bar in the middle of Washington D.C. nursing a cheap beer."
Warnings: Set after Bound. So, might be some spoilers there. General s.1 spoiler for NCIS

Star Light Star Bright
"So, you believe in aliens?"

Secrets; Linger
Smallville/Voyager crossover. "To despise each other as much as they did required passion."

As It Was Meant To Be
200 years into the future.
PG 13

"So the cycle repeats."

Life For Me
"You've always wanted to save the world."
PG 13

De Profundis
NCIS/Smallville. Sequel to Nil Desperandum. Tony's coping. Spoilers for end of s2 and start of s3 NCIS.

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